External agencies. Internal teams. Contractors. Freelancers. In the past you might have leveraged one or maybe two of those options, and had a relatively neat and clean answer to your creative resource question.

Now you’re probably under the gun to get more done with less. That makes it more important than ever to understand the value that each of those options can provide … and to have a leader who can help you orchestrate and coordinate their efforts to maximum effectiveness.

As someone who has led external agency teams, internal agency teams, contractors and freelancers, I have developed the understanding of what each of these resources can do best and how to get the best work from each.

From developing a tweet deck all the way to launching an interruptive new product, I have the hands-on experience that enables me to guide you and your performers around the typical pitfalls of the creative process.

What I have found is, no matter how busy and ambitious your marketing calendar is, it’s not the work that undoes your best-laid plans … it’s the rework. Here’s how I help you minimize the deadline-busting, hair-pulling, stomach-churning reboots and restarts that crush the soul of your creatives just as surely as they push your patience into the frustration zone:

• Ensure that your creative and strategic briefs are designed to get the best work from your creative performers.

• Take a holistic and specific look at your processes, to make sure they deliver the right solution as efficiently as possible.

• Speak the language of researchers, strategists and creatives alike to enlist everyone in the conversation.

• Coach and nurture your internal talent to develop the next generation of creative and strategic leaders.

To learn more about how my philosophy leads to results, please contact me.

Case Studies

Bringing Together 2 Iconic Brands

Bringing Together 2 Iconic Brands

When Capital One acquired ING Direct (INGD), the opportunity was great … and so was the obligation. ING Direct was not a typical business, nor was it a typical brand. The brand’s success was the result of intentionally differentiating itself as much as possible from the way other financial institutions presented themselves. And, as relatively…+

AdWatch: Apple, Maya Angelou and The Human Family

AdWatch: Apple, Maya Angelou and The Human Family

What do you say when you are a global brand? What do you say when your products are practically ubiquitous … shorthand for an entire class of technology? What do you’ve when your champions and critics have said nearly everything that could be said? You let a poet speak. You let a poet speak not…+

From the Blog

What goes into a good Creative Brief.

What goes into a good Creative Brief.

I think that if Creative and Strategy didn’t have the Creative Brief to argue about, someone would have to invent it. Everywhere I’ve ever been – and I’ve been on the agency side and the client side, in traditional agencies and in-house creative groups — the discussion pretty much goes the same: “If only we…+

What does “Independent George” have to do with brand voice?

What does “Independent George” have to do with brand voice?

Stick with me for just a minute. And let me tell you about how George Constanza puts his finger right on one of he biggest dilemmas that face brands and the copwriters who support them. First, let’s step into George’s world, just for a second. It’s one of his greatest rants … the one where…+

The Demands of Sales vs. The Importance of Brand

A few days ago, a friend asked me a question that really got me thinking. (That seems like a total BS excuse to just go ahead and write a blog post, but I assure you, it really happened.) And no, it wasn’t from Mr. Richard Fader of Fort Lee, NJ, either … The question actually…+