American Express. Capital One. ING Direct. Nordstrom. T-Mobile. USAA. These are just a few of the amazing, customer-first voices I have had the privilege to work with … crafting messaging that engages, involves, compels and persuades. So what is the secret to “good copy” you may ask? Actually, it’s pretty simple.

No matter what you are saying – tweet, email, banner, letter – never forget that you are writing to satisfy the needs of the reader not for yourself.

Readers, I have come to learn by speaking with as many of them as possible, have fairly universal needs. When engaging with any marketing message, they are primarily interested in getting the answers to the Big Three Questions:

What is it?
How does it makes my life better?
How do I get it?

Great messaging always answers these three questions. Marketing messages that miss the mark usually either a) don’t answer all three or b) spend so much time with one of the answers that the reader never gets to the others.

Speaking of threes, the messaging I create on your behalf quickly moves the reader through

The Three-Stage Rocket Model of Effective Messaging™

Stage 1 – Awareness

Stage 2 – Action

Stage 3 – Advocacy

If your current messaging is not driving Awareness, Action and Advocacy, contact me and I will provide recommendations on how to make your messaging more effective and responsive.

Case Studies

AdWatch: Apple, Maya Angelou and The Human Family

AdWatch: Apple, Maya Angelou and The Human Family

What do you say when you are a global brand? What do you say when your products are practically ubiquitous … shorthand for an entire class of technology? What do you’ve when your champions and critics have said nearly everything that could be said? You let a poet speak. You let a poet speak not…+

Case Study: 35% Response Rate

Case Study: 35% Response Rate

How do you get a 35% response rate on direct mail? (How about 40%?) I was showing some of my past work to a prospective client the other day, and I happened to pull out a dimensional mailing we did years ago for Nordstrom … the one that got nearly 40% response when it was…+

From the Blog

Why having a personal brand is so important.

Why having a personal brand is so important.

Not too long ago, I was looking for something up in the attic, and I came across some old promos — marketing materials I created a few years ago when I was first looking to promote myself as a consultant. And here’s a key frame from that … Times have changed a lot since then…+

A Misfire for Kindle

A Misfire for Kindle

I spent an atypical amount of time in front of the tube this weekend, and as a result, saw the relatively new Kindle Fire spot probably a dozen times. It’s from this campaign: I THINK the message Amazon folks were looking to deliver was “Look at how committed we are to customer service. It’s built…+

The Demands of Sales vs. The Importance of Brand

A few days ago, a friend asked me a question that really got me thinking. (That seems like a total BS excuse to just go ahead and write a blog post, but I assure you, it really happened.) And no, it wasn’t from Mr. Richard Fader of Fort Lee, NJ, either … The question actually…+