New! The 7 Stages of Skepticism

New! The 7 Stages of Skepticism

One of the things I enjoy most is copywriting. I love the challenge of moving someone from indifference to action.

Because, as much as we love the brands, products and organizations we represent, there isn’t a human being anywhere who wakes up saying “Yes, today is the day I buy that new laundry detergent! Open that new bank account! Give money to that fundraising appeal!”

Still, as writers we CAN get people to do those things. In fact, our jobs depend on it.

Folks ask me where I start when I am writing a promotional email, a banner ad, a DM letter, even a DRTV script. How do i get from the balnk page to something that might compel someone to part with their hard-earned money or precious spare time?

I always ground myself with the understanding that consumers are innately skeptical and that their default setting is to say “No” as soon as they realize someone is trying to sell them something.

In fact, sometime I will even put a picture of a skeptical person in front of me as I write.

Here’s one image I find particularly motivating …

Unknown-1 copy 2

And here’s another …


I’ve developed a useful tool, a list of The 7 Stages of Consumer Skepticism, to help keep me on track and on point to break through the inertia of consumer indifference. Look for more in my next post …

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